Quartz infrared portable heater

I own a Gen 4 Quartz infrared portable heater, manufactured by Edenpure of North Canton, OH. The ground prong on the line plug became separated from the plug body. I did not notice that one of the power prongs had become loose until I smelled burning rubber while the unit was plugged in. I immediately tried to contact Edenpure at their customer service number, 1-800-895-0008, but have been unsuccessful at getting past their switchboard after holding for 20minute periods. Additionally, they do not respond to e-mails. I went to their parts department online with the intent of purchasing a replacement line cord only to discover that the cord is out of stock…this leads me to suspect that they are having a problem with this part. My question for the CPSC is this: Has a product recall been issued for these heaters? This is an extremely unsafe condition and could lead to a fire.

EenPure HeaterModel USA 1000Serial # ps00238121

I bought an edenpure heater sealed and still in the box. Ive used since Nov of 2012. (today being 22/13) /One eve my husband smelled something funny. Checked the heater and the plug got so hot it melted the outlet and was almost on fire. THe plug shows discoloration from being scorthed and thoutlt meeto be replaced at this point. Called EdenPure and they said th is nothing they can do. I am VERY lucky my houe did n burnthe ground!

Portable heater

The consumer stated that he purchased two portable heaters in 2010, however, one of them was replaced because it caught on fire and the other because it stopped working. The replaced heater was on for approximately 1 hour, he smelled an odor of burnt plastic and smoke had dispersed in the rooms, he unplugged the unit and ventilated the house. This incident triggered his smoke detectors as well.There were no visible property damages, just the smell of smoke. The heater was scorched and melted from overheating.The manufacturer was contacted the following day of the incident and he was informed that it would be replaced. Caller is concerned that these heaters are being replaced by refurbished heater which will cause a house fire.

Eden Pure Quartz Infrared Portable Heater Model 1000, serial number WG 1178743

I turned the heater on in my bedroom and went into the living room. About five minutes later, my brother and I smelled something burning. I went back into the bedroom to find that the heater had started melting on the front.

quartz infrared portable heater

On 3/13/2012 after plugging the heater into the outlet on automatic setting within five minutes the consumer’s fire alarms started to go off. There was very light smoke coming from the heater. The consumer noticed that the outside of the heater was hot to the touch and had a electrical brining odor coming from it.The heater was powered in off position and unplugged from the outlet immediately.The consumer indicated that this was the first time using the heater. She purchased two original heaters in 4/2011 and this was her second replacement heater. The failure with the original heater (first purchased one) didn’t work and so the heater was replaced in 1/2011 by the firm.The firm was contacted on 3/13/2012 and the consumer was advised to send back the heater in exchange for another one. The consumer has already packaged the heater to go back to the firm.The consumer stated that she does not feel safe using the heater because it could possibly start a fire in her home. Since the firm does not offer a refund she is left with no choice but to accept the heater.

water softener

On 3/4/2012 the consumer noticed smoke coming from the water treatment system causing the consumer to unplug it from the outlet immediately. The consumer plugged the water treatment system in the basement of his home near the water meter per the instructions in the manual. The consumer also noticed there was quite a bit of water on the floor near the product. The water treatment system is a water softener. It is designed to dissolve minerals such as calcium and magnesium to crystallize and remain in suspension instead of adhering to the walls of pipes, faucets or heating elements.The consumer contacted the firm on 3/5/2012 and the consumer requested a full refund. The consumer stated that the company is only willing to replace the water treatment system .The consumer indicated that he fears that the water treatment system could possibly pose as a fire hazard. The pr9oduct was installed in the home by himself.He has not made any attempt to use the water treatment system since the incident occurred.

qaurtz portable Heater

The heater was in use we started to smell a very strong burning odor throughout our home . We found  that the source of smell was the heater we immediately remove the power cord from the power outlet. The power cord was burning hot was as well. Im am concerned that if this was not discovered when it was the heater would have caused a fire.   

EdenPure GEN4 MODELSerial #: CH00247896Quartz infrared portable heater

("You can also report a potentially unsafe product to CPSC’s Office of Compliance at (301) 504-7520 or by sending an e-mail to sect15@cpsc.gov.")I bought an EdenPure quartz infrared portable heater. The appliance cord appeared to became hot enough to melt the outlet box, wall insulation, and wires.I noticed a burning smell and smoke started to fill room. I immediately turned the unit off and unplugged appliance from outlet.EdenPure GEN 4 was the only appliance used on this circuit breaker as instructed.We analyzed our wiring, circuit breaker did not pop yet meter indicated good working order, removed outlet box, rewired circuit, and did not find any evidence that would cause overheating which lead toFurther research of the EdenPure GEN4 appliance itself.Plugged EdenPure into other circuits which also caused heating of the cord. The heater cord was hot over a foot down the cord from the outlet.Leading to further web research to draw indication that this may have or have not been a unique case:Please note the following article from consumerreports.orghttp://news.consumerreports.org/appliances/2011/02/one-melted-edenpure-space-heater-sparks-costco-recall-.html"Meanwhile, if you bought an EdenPure US 1000 heater at Costco, you can take the retailer up on its refund offer. And if you experience any signs of overheating with any space heater, stop using it and notify the CPSC on the Report an Unsafe Product page of its website. "Please note close-up photo of melted outlet is available upon request.Would also like to note respiratory irritation directly connected to periods of time in which the appliance was running.EdenPureGEN4 MODELSerial #: CH00247896Customer service phone #: 1 800 219 8458Thank You,[REDACTED]

edenpure gen 4 space heater

I purchased a eden pure gen 4 space heater at Gemmins hardware store in Hudsonville Michigan on december 17th 2011 and took it to a friends house as a christmas present. Within two minutes of turning it on it began to smoke and then an acrid white toxic smoke began to pour out of the heater that rose up to the ceiling and filled the room with smoke a foot or two down from the ceiling. I took it out side and it continued to smoke. We had to open the doors and windows for over two hours with snow and temps in the low 30s. The smoke made our throats sore the next day as well and there was some lingering oder. I took the heater back to the store imediately and got antother and plugged it in out in the garage and it gave off a similar smell for a long time but didn’t smoke. However I unplugged it and took it back to the store on monday the 19th as soon as it opened. My friend didn’t want it in her house and I didn’t trust it either. If the first one could suddenly pour out smoke while we were watching it then what’s to prevent another from doing the same when there was no one to catch it. I believed there is a serious safety defect with these heaters and it needs to be corrected before some one is killed.