Electric, portable, space heater.

This space heater would not shut off. I unplugged it and picked it up to get it out of the house. When picking it up, I heard a rattle in side. Thinking that this was the problem I took it apart to find that the counter weight that turns the unit off if tipped over was installed wit a clear plastic fitting that had melted and the weight had fallen off. buy using plastic that could melt instead of metal makes this unit a time bomb for fire or death!

Electric, portable, space heater. Apx. 2.5 feet long. Black, digital thermostat and timer, tip-over

Electric portable heater labeled under "Soleil" brand. Model LH-875A, date code 0810, 120volt, 60hertz, 1500watt, Made by Shanghi Limach Manufacturing. No serial number listed. This heater served me well, but in the last few uses, I noted an orange glow from on of the small wire elements inside. I had not seen this before. I started unplugging it after use. Tonight, on low setting, automatic mode, set to 70 degrees, the heater clicked on, and orange and blue small flames and sparks started shooting from the bottom toward my carpet, and flashing out of the top, at the same location I saw the consistent orange glow, about four inches from the left end of the actual element inside the case. It was also crackling. I jumped up, and pulled the very warm plug out of the wall. I have never reported a product defect before, but never had one that nearly burned my house down. I read about this heater online, which with all reviews, must be taken with a grain of salt. (Everyone online thinks they are an expert). But I did notice that Home Depot, where I purchased the product, had terrible customer reviews for this particular unit, nearly all stating that it had failed at some point, a HUGE failure rate. Other similar heaters by different manufacturers, had consistently high ratings. I am concerned these units may lead to other incidents. Had I been using it in my bedroom and sleeping, it almost certainly would have caught the carpet on fire. I do not have the box or receipt, but I did purchase it in-store from a local Home Depot in the fall of 2010. It worked well until recently. It is used a few nights a week in either my master bedroom or living room, to take the chill out of the air. This incident occured in my living room, with it installed about a foot from my glass patio door, no where near drapes or other compustables. And using common sense, was plugged directly into a standard, grounded, 120 volt outlet, no extention cord or "power strip." I have good electrical knowledge, and know that would be terribly dangerous. There was no outside infulence from water, dampness, etc. That is what got me so upset, since the only fault of this near blaze was that of the heater itself. I am saving the unit, obviously not being used after this. I would be happy to ship it for inspection, as I am certain the same result will be recreated as soon as it is powered on. Any further questions, I am happy to oblige. I work during business hours, so e-mail is the best way to reach me. I appreciate your time and consideration. Happy Holidays.[REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED]